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The oldest post-secondary school in the United States, Harvard is a member of the Ivy League. Harvard can be found in Cambrige, Massachusettes, near Boston and MIT. Harvard's web page can be found at: http://www.harvard.edu/
Full private university in Cambridge, Massachusetts, member of the Ivy League. Founded in 1636, Harvard University is the oldest post-secondary school in the United States.

Harvard is arguably the best-known university in the world, and one of the most selective. Its undergraduate and graduate schools are uniformly competitive.

Graduate schools include the [Business School]?, [Medical School]?, [Law School]?, and the [Graduate School of Design]?.

The school color is a shade of blood-red referred to as crimson, which is also the name of the Harvard sports teams and the daily newspaper (The [Harvard Crimson]?).

Prominent student organizations at Harvard include the aforementioned Crimson and the [Harvard Lampoon]?.

The main campus is located at Harvard Square in central Cambridge, approximately one mile from the MIT campus. Many of the dormitories, known as Houses, line the northern banks of the [Charles River]?. The Medical School and the university stadium and other athletic facilities are located across the Charles River in Boston.

While the Harvard football team was one of the best in the beginning days of the sport, in more recent times Harvard fields top teams in hockey, crew, and squash?.

Harvard University takes many of its students from the private American preparatory schools such as Milton Academy and Sidwell Friends. Harvard has traditionally had close ties to [Boston Latin School]?, the oldest public school in the United States, founded in 1635. Early incoming Harvard classes were predominantly from Latin; even today over a dozen students each year matriculate to Harvard from this inner-city public school.

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