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A number of noted individuals have been atheists. In presenting this list, we do not mean to imply that the fact that these people are atheists makes atheism any more likely--that would be a clearly bogus [argumentum ad populum]? and [argumentum ad vericundiam]?.

A partial list of persons believed to be atheists:

Woody Allen
[Nathaniel Branden]?
Marlon Brando
[Richard Branson]?
[George Carlin]?
Adam Carolla
[John Carpenter]?
[Asia Carrera]?
Noam Chomsky
Richard Dawkins
Thomas Edison
Paul Ehrlich
[Larry Flynt]?
[Robbie Fulks]?
[Penn Jillette]?
[Paul Kurtz]?
Karl Marx
Jonathan Meades
[H.L. Mencken]?
[Camille Paglia]?
[[Jacques Prévert]]
Ayn Rand
[Christopher Reeve]?
[Matt Ridley]?
[Richard Rorty]?
Bertrand Russell
Marquis de Sade
Carl Sagan
[George Soros]?
Richard Stallman
Linus Torvalds
Ted Turner
Mark Twain
[Gore Vidal]?
Kurt Vonnegut
[Joss Whedon]?

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