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I am a recent doctoral graduate in Ancient and Medieval History, with strong interests in the Reformation, History of Christianity, and other things of a more pop-culture nature, especially those pertaining to the Beautiful Game.

Since my dissertation was on Carolingian administration in the eastern part of the empire (especially in the Fulda area), expect to see me there!

Contributions by Billy the Cat and his sworn enemies and rivals for human attention (the returned Boots, and new friends Lily and Rose) appear regularly in the form of typos. I dunno -- they just seem to think we can fill in the blanks and read their tiny little minds...

I'm also extremely grateful to my friend Michael for showing me the way to the Wikipedia -- yay, Michael!

My Mission: to find stable, well-paying employment -- or at least gainful employment!

My other mission: To edit boldly any bad history and grammar I may find, to root out the incorrect placement of commas, and to not become addicted in so doing.

Mission Update: To survive the job I just took as an admin in a pulp mill until something better comes along -- preferably in a college classroom...

New Mission Statement (I feel like a corporation!): To desensitise certain buttons that have I have recently acquired, so that I can continue to write sensible, useful contributions and remain sane while so doing. To remember that I can edit anything I like, as many times as is necessary. To look more closely before I leap when I can't turn off the button.

My latest non-editing, not defending-accepted-historical-method-in-the-face-of-the-wilfully-ignorant contribution:

Hanseatic League

AND YES, I am now having that whisky! J Hofmann Kemp



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