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Born in [Kings Lynn]?, England, George Vancouver (1757-1798) served under Captain James Cook on his second (1772-1775) and third (1776-1780) expeditions.

During 1792 Vancouver was commissioned to explore the coastline of northwestern North America to determine the existance of the Northwest Passage that was rumoured to link the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. He also instructed to negotiate with the Spanish about the ownership of [Nootka Sound]? on [Vancouver Island]?.

In April 1792 he met with the Spanish naval officer [Cayetano Valdes y Flores]?, also known as Cayetano Valdes y Bazan, at Nootka Sound, where they agreed to explore the extensive inland waterways in today's Washington State, British Columbia, and Alaska.

At the end of the exploration Vancouver determined that the Northwest Passage did not exist at the latitudes provided it has long been suggested.

Various locations around the world have been named after George Vancouver, including [Vancouver Island]? and the City of Vancouver.

Discoverers Web by Andre Engels: http://www.win.tue.nl/~engels/discovery/vancouver.html

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