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''The Medal of Honor is a small, five-pointed star that hangs from a blue ribbon, but it comes at such a terrible price that it is an unquestioned tribute to the bravery of anyone who wears it.'' (The Pueblo Chieftan)

This is highest military decoration in the United States of America, officially called the "Medal of Honor", and usually referred to as the "Congressional Medal of Honor". It was first awarded during the [Civil War]? and the latest action for which it has been awarded was Somalia. It has often been given posthumously. It was originally given only to enlisted men although Army officers first received them in 1891 and Naval officers in 1915. The medal is usually referred to as "CMOH" by contemporary US military personnel.

In 20th century, the CMOH has been awarded for extreme bravery above and beyond the call of duty, where a person consistently and persistently has put his comrades safety foremost to the utter disregard of his own life. The CMOH outranks everything. The highest ranking officer in the US military is required to initiate the salute, no matter how low an enlisted grade the recipient.

Medals of Honor awarded since 1863

2625 before 20th century, 1130 after 1900

See also http://www.cmohs.org/medal.htm


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