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The Central Intelligence Agency of the United States publishes annually a world factbook, with basic almanac style information about the various countries of the world. The factbook gives a 2 to 3 page summary of the demographics, location, tellecommunications capacity, government, industry, military capability, etc. of almost all countries in existence.

The World Factbook is prepared by the Central Intelligence Agency for the use of US Government officials, and the style, format, coverage, and content are designed to meet their specific requirements. Information is provided by Antarctic Information Program (National Science Foundation), Bureau of the Census (Department of Commerce), Bureau of Labor Statistics (Department of Labor), Central Intelligence Agency, Council of Managers of National Antarctic Programs, Defense Intelligence Agency (Department of Defense), U.S. Department of State, Fish and Wildlife Service (Department of the Interior), Maritime Administration (Department of Transportation), National Imagery and Mapping Agency (Department of Defense), Naval Facilities Engineering Command (Department of Defense), Office of Insular Affairs (Department of the Interior), Office of Naval Intelligence (Department of Defense), US Board on Geographic Names (Department of the Interior), and other public and private sources.

Because this document is public domain, i.e. not under copyright, we Wikipedians are free not only to redistribute it, but also to modify it in any way we like, without permission of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The official seal of the CIA, however, may NOT be copied without permission as required by the CIA Act of 1949 (50 U.S.C. section 403m). Misuse of the official seal of the CIA could result in civil and criminal penalties.

A copy can be found [here].

CIA World Factbook 2000

Unfortunately this issue contains some serious bugs, for example in Poland/Government it says that Marek Kotlarski is chief of AWS -- that's blatant nonsense -- and lists UW and Freedom Union (that's Polish abbreviation and English translation of its name) as two separate parties. And in Poland/Geography it lists silver as one of main Poland's natural resources !!! (Neither I nor my Polish encyclopedia know about single silver mine in Poland). Therefore, if possible, all information from CIA World Factbook 2000 should be checked before wikifying.

/Status of the porting to Wikipedia

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