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British radio station, specialising in popular music aimed at a young audience (i.e. children, teenagers and young adults). Radio 1 was launched on September 30, 1967 as a direct response to the popularity of the illegal [pirate radio]? stations such as [Radio Caroline]?. The intial rota of staff included the legendary John Peel (still with the station) and a gaggle of others, often hired from pirates, such as [Ed Stewart]?, [Terry Wogan]?, [Jimmy Young]?, [Tony Blackburn]?, [Dave Cash]?, [Kenny Everett]?, [Pete Murray]?, and [Bob Holness]?.

Radio 1 is notable for the range of music it plays. While most commercial stations concentrate on a particular theme, such as 80's music or 'classic rock', Radio 1 plays a diverse mix of current songs, including Independent/Alternative?, Rock, House/Electronica? and Rap.

Current DJs on this chart station still include the timeless John Peel as well as [Jo Whiley]?, [Steve Lamacq]?, [Mark Radcliffe]?, half of [Mark and Lard]?, otherwise known as the Shirehorses. As well as [Tim Westwood]?, [The Dreem Teem]?, club supremos [Pete Tong]?, [Judge Jules]? and [Seb Fontaine]?, [Mary Anne Hobbs]? and more to add.


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