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Hello I am Asa. I am a Christian youth minister at Wembley? [church of Christ]? and I live in London, UK. I discovered Wikipedia when it was listed on Slashdot in July 2001. I then started tinkering with various bits. I continue to do so when I have a bit of time. Recently, I have taken to writing some articles as a way to revise some of the stuff on early church history I have been studying with the minsiter of my church, John Griffiths.

Here on Wikiepedia, I sign myself: aw or AW (both redirect to this page). My user name used to be just Asa, but that was needed for an article (should have thought more before i used that user name really!).

Some articles I have contributed to





/Todo - stuff I have (vaugely) lined up to do at some point
/Talk - if you want to talk to me, put it on this page

My [page] on meta.wikipedia.com.

Here is [my web site].

Musings and Projects

So someone put the Linuxs back annonymously after a bit of a row in the Talk on GNU/Linux. It was certainly an interesting experiment anyway :)

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