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A chemical element, in the periodic table sodium has the symbol Na (from Natrium) and atom number 11.

Name: Sodium
Symbol: Na
Group: Alkali metal
Crystal Structure: Cubicbody centered
Atomic number: 11
Atomic weight: 22.98977
Shells: 2,8,1
Filling orbital: 3s1
Melt: 97.8C
Boil: 882.9C
Electronegativity: 0.93
Covalent radius: 1.54
Atomic radius: 2.23
Atomic volume: 23.7 cm/mol
First ionization potential: 5.139 V
2nd ionization potential: 47.286 V
3rd ionization potential: 71.641 V
Oxidation states: 1
Density @ 293 K: 0.971 g/cm
Specific heat: 1.23 J/gK
Heat of vaporization: 96.960 kJ/mol
Heat of fusion: 2.598 kJ/mol
Electrical conductivity: 0.139 10^6/cm ohm
Thermal conductivity: 1.41 W/cmK

Sodium - the person - sodiumtheperson - who writes wikipedia stuff
See: Periodic table

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