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Erdem Tüzün is a Turkish neurologist and web personality.

e-mail: drerdem@yahoo.com

web address: http://www.geocities.com/drerdem/mypage.html

Gender: Male

Born: İstanbul, Turkey

Birthdate: Nov. 11, 1971


One of first measurements of intracavernosal endothelin levels of impotent men, providing evidence for using nitric oxide (antagonist of endothelin) agonist drugs in male erectile dysfunction

Contributions to the detection of ganglioside levels of salivary glands

Contributions for the treatment of congenital penile deformity by a new surgical method

Contributions to demonstration of the presence of antibodies against voltage-gated potassium channels in patients with limbic encephalitis

Contributions to identification of the autoimmune etiology of neuromyotonia and demonstration of the role of autoantibodies against thalamic structures as a causal factor for Morvan's syndrome;

Writings and creative works: Application of F tacheodispersion method in diabetes mellitus patients with subclinical neuropathy. Istanbul 2000.

Erdem, thanks very much indeed for contributing your articles and for understanding our objections to using copyrighted sources. I certainly appreciate it very much. Welcome to Wikipedia! --LMS
My pleasure.
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