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BOMARC refers alternately to the Bomarc missiles (Bomarc IM-99A and Super Bomarc IM-99B) and the Bomarc Missile Program. The name Bomarc was conceived as a merge of the two organisations who played the most prominent roles in its creation: Boeing and the [Michigan Aeronautical Research Center]? (MARC).

The Bomarc IM-99A was the first production Bomarc missile. It had an operational radius of 200 miles and was designed to fly at Mach 2.5 at a cruising altitude of 60 000 feet.

The Super Bomarc IM-99B was the 99A's successor with improvements to its operational parameters. It was capable of striking targets within a radius of 400 miles and able to fly at Mach 4 as high as 100 000 feet.

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