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And they all lived happily ever after.

Atlas Shrugged, Part 1, Chapter 7, section 1:     Previous Next Dagny Taggart visits the construction site of the Rio Norte Line near the Wyatt oil fields. Construction is being supervised by Ben Nealy, who is incompetent but the best contractor Dagny could find. She meets Ellis Wyatt who indicates he now knows what she is, and that he respects her. Rearden is also on hand, designing a [Rearden Metal bridge]? to show off his new metal. The two get along as they always had, as if the party had never happened.

Rearden mentions he is flying back east, and Dagny asks if she can go back with him. He tells her no, because he is flying to Minnesota before heading to New York. Later at the airfield, Dagny discovers Rearden was lying -- that he did fly straight to New York. Dagny has no clue why Rearden would flat out lie to her.

Laying of the new Rio Norte Line track near the Wyatt oil fields in Colorado.

 Airport attendant 1
 Ben Nealy
 Chief Engineer 2
 Dagny Taggart
 Ellis Wyatt
 Francisco d'Anconia - mentioned
 Hank Rearden
 Dick McNamara - mentioned.
 Mr. Coleman - mentioned.
 Mr. Mowen
 Nat Taggart's son - mentioned.
 Orren Boyle - mentioned

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