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Wumpus or Hunt the Wumpus was the first game written for a microprocessor. It was first published in the magazine "People's Computer Company" in 1973, again in 1975 in "Creative Computing", and finally in 1980 in the book "Basic Computer Games".

The Wumpus was a mysterious monster that lurked in a chamber somewhere inside a network of caverns. The player would travel through the caverns in search of the Wumpus, but if the player actually entered the chamber the Wumpus lurked inside he would be devoured instantly. Instead, the player would have to search for Wumpus tracks and markings in adjoining rooms. When the player had deduced which chamber the Wumpus was in without entering it, he would fire a single arrow into the Wumpus' chamber to slay it. However, firing the arrow into the wrong chamber would make a loud enough noise to attract the Wumpus, which would devour the player. Thus, the player would only get one shot to kill the beast.

Some versions of Hunt the Wumpus are currently available on almost all operating systems, including GNU/Linux and some mobile phones.

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