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This page is a repository for pages that are useful to "doing things" in Wikipedia. In contrast to the HomePage its focus is more for the benefit of regular editors and contributors, rather than the general public. Feel free to improve the categorization below if you believe you can, though discussing it on /Talk first would be nice.

Resources for editors
Welcome, newcomers
Be bold in updating pages
Rules to consider
Editing policy
The perfect stub article
Most common Wikipedia faux pas
Requested articles
Requested articles/Deemed complete-ish
/Controversial subjects - a simple list of pages on controversial subjects, not a place to argue about them
Bad jokes and other deleted nonsense
Wikipedia Manual of Style
How does one edit a page

To Do Lists
/find or fix a stub - Join the crusade to find all the stub articles...if you want to.
/Page titles to be deleted -- (Talk)
/Personal subpages to be deleted
/Pages needing attention - to list pages you think need work but are out of your area of expertise.

Lists and Collections to be Maintained


Wikipedia Project Standards Pages (consult if you're working on an article in one of these areas)

Wikipedia History standards
Current events article development

Pages on Wikipedia statistics and related topics
Wikipedia statistics
/Size of Wikipedia
/What Google likes
[/Wikipedia traffic]?

Organisational and other useful pages
/Navigation links
Wikipedia policy
Wikipedia FAQ
Wikipedia Announcements
Wikipedia help desk
Wikipedia/Most popular pages

/Talk - for discussion about the utilities page.

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