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Is macrobiotics more strict than vegan? I thought that macrobiotics ate fish. --mincus

From Vegan:

"There is a bit of variety in the vegan community; Europeans and Americans not only pronounce it differently..."

So? How *do* they pronounce it?

taken from http://www.vegweb.com/glossary/docs/vegan.shtml

The word vegan was invented by Donald Watson in the 1940's. It is pronounced "vee-gun". This is the most common pronunciation in the UK today. No one can say this pronunciation in "wrong", so this is also the politically correct pronunciation.

In the US, common pronunciations are "vee-jan" and "vay-gn" in addition to "vee-gn", though the American Vegan Society says the correct pronunciation is as per the UK.

(as a side note, I am an American and have always pronunced vee-gun)

Thanks. Suggest this info be included on the Vegan page.

Regarding the creation of a Vegetarianism page which consists solely of a link to Vegan: I would prefer that such 'empty' stub pages not be created until there is some real content in the article. See Wikipedia commentary/Kill the Stub Pages for some different opinions on this issue.

Anyway, I'll have a first draft of a Vegetarianism article written up by this evening (Melbourne time), but feel free to jump in ahead of me. -- Claudine

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