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Some famous alumni from Trinity College, University of Cambridge:

 George Gascoigne 1525-1577 Poet, dramatist - Jocasta, The Glasse of Government 
 John Dee 1527-1608 Alchemist, geographer, mathematician 
 Edward Coke 1552-1634 Lawyer, politician; Chief Justice of the King's Bench 
 Francis Bacon 1561-1626 Lawyer, philosopher; Lord Chancellor 
 Henry Spelman 1562-1641 Antiquary - `Reliquiae Spelmannianae' 
 Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex 1566-1601 Soldier, courtier to Elizabeth I; executed for rebellion 
 Giles Fletcher 1588-1623 Poet - Christ's Victory and Triumph 
 George Herbert 1593-1633 Poet - The Temple; MP (Montgomery) 
 Thomas Randolph 1605-1635 Poet, dramatist 
 John Suckling 1609-1642 Poet, dramatist 
 Abraham Cowley 1618-1667 Poet, dramatist - The Mistress 
 Andrew Marvell 1621-1678 Poet -`Horatian Ode', The Rehearsal Transpros'd; MP (Hull) 
 George Villiers, 2nd Duke of Buckingham 1627-1687 Wit, dramatist - The Rehearsal; member of the `Cabal' 
 John Ray 1627-1705 Naturalist; created the principles of plant classification 
 John Dryden 1631-1700 Poet Laureate -Absalom and Achitophel; Translator of Virgil  
 Francis Willughby 1635-1672 Naturalist 
 Isaac Newton 1642-1727 Mathematician, physicist; MP (Cambridge University) 
 George Jeffreys 1645-1689 Judge - `Bloody Assizes'; Lord Chancellor 
 Nathaniel Lee 1649-1692 Dramatist - The Rival Queens 
 [Charles Montagu]?, 1st Earl of Halifax 1661-1715 Founded Bank of England, 1694; Chancellor of Exchequer 
 [John Montagu]?, 4th Earl of Sandwich 1718-1792 First Lord of the Admiralty; invented the 'sandwich' 
 Richard Cumberland 1732-1811 Playwright - The Brothers, The West Indian 
 [Thomas Nelson]? 1738-1789 Signatory of the American Declaration of Independence 
 Thomas, Lord Erskine 1750-1823 Lord Chancellor, jurist 
 George Crabbe 1754-1832 Poet; did not matriculate 
 Richard Porson 1759-1808 Classical scholar 
 Spencer Perceval 1762-1812 Prime Minister 1809-1812 (Tory); assassinated 
 Charles, Earl Grey 1764-1845 Prime Minister 1830-1834 (Whig); Great Reform Act (1832) 
 John Lyndhurst 1772-1863 Lawyer; Lord Chancellor 
 Viscount Melbourne 1779-1848 Prime Minister 1834, 1835-1841 (Whig) 
 John, 3rd Earl Spencer 1782-1845 Known as Lord Althorp; Chancellor of the Exchequer 
 Adam Sedgwick 1785-1873 Geologist 
 George Gordon, Lord Byron 1788-1824 Poet - `She Walks in Beauty', Don Juan 
 Charles Babbage 1791-1871 Mathematician; Built the forerunner of modern computers 
 Thomas Babington, Lord Macaulay 1800-1859 Historian, essayist 
 William Henry Fox Talbot 1800-1877 Inventor of photography 
 George Airy 1801-1895 Astronomer, geophysicist 
 William Smith O'Brien 1803-1864 Irish Nationalist 
 Edward Bulwer-Lytton 1803-1873 Novelist - The Last Days of Pompeii; politician 
 James Challis 1803-1882 Astronomer; twice observed Neptune without noting it, before its discovery 
 Frederick D Maurice 1805-1872 Theologian, writer, Christian Socialist 
 Augustus de Morgan 1806-1871 Mathematician; symbolic logic 
 Richard Chevenix Trench 1807-1888 Poet, Archbishop of Dublin; Theorist of English Language  
 James Spedding 1808-1881 Scholar; editor of Bacon's Works 
 Monckton Milnes 1809-1885 Politician, man of letters 
 [Alfred Tennyson]? 1809-1892 Poet - Maud, In Memoriam 
 Edward Fitzgerald 1809-1883 Poet - `The Rub iy t of Omar Khayy m' 
 [William M. Thackeray]? 1811-1863 Novelist - Vanity Fair, Henry Esmond 
 Tom Taylor 1817-1880 Scottish dramatist; editor of Punch 
 Thomas Wade 1818-1895 Diplomat; invented Wade-Giles Chinese transliteration 
 Arthur Cayley 1821-1895 Mathematician; non-Euclidean geometry, invented matrices 
 Francis Galton 1822-1911 Scientist; meteorology, heredity 
 Brooke Westcott 1825-1901 Canon of Westminster, Bishop of Durham 
 William Waddington 1826-1894 French Prime Minister 1879; archaeologist 
 [William Harcourt]? 1827-1904 Liberal statesman; home secretary, Chancellor of the Exchequer 
 Hugh Childers 1827-1896 Australian statesman, then British Chancellor of the Exchequer 
 Joseph Lightfoot 1828-1889 Bishop of Durham; theologian 
 Edward White Benson 1829-1896 Archbishop of Canterbury, 1883-1896 
 James Maxwell 1831-1879 Physicist; electromagnetism 
 John, Lord Acton 1834-1902 Historian 
 Henry Campbell-Bannerman 1836-1908 Prime Minister 1905-1908 (Liberal) 
 Michael Foster 1836-1907 Physiologist; MP (London University) 
 Henry Sidgwick 1838-1900 Philosopher, major proponent of women's colleges 
 George Otto Trevelyan 1838-1928 Historian; MP; Father of G. M. Trevelyan 
 Richard Jebb 1841-1905 Greek scholar 
 [Edward VII]? 1841-1910 Reigned 1901-1910 
 Frederick Pollock 1845-1937 Jurist 
 Edmund Gosse 1845-1928 Poet, critic - On Viol and Flute 
 Arthur Balfour 1848-1930 Prime Minister 1902-1905 (Conservative) 
 F. W. Maitland 1850-1906 Legal historian 
 Charles Stanford 1852-1924 Composer, organist 
 James Frazer 1854-1941 Anthropologist; writer - The Golden Bough 
 A. E. Housman 1859-1936 Poet - A Shropshire Lad; Classical scholar 
 A. N. Whitehead 1861-1947 Philosopher, mathematician 
 George, Lord Carnarvon 1866-1923 Egyptologist; funded the discovery of Tut'ankhamun's tomb 
 Freeman Freeman-Thomas, Marquis of Willingdon 1866-1941 Administrator; Viceroy of India 
 Stanley Baldwin 1867-1947 Prime Minister 1923-24, 1924-29, 1935-37 (Conservative) 
 Erskine Childers 1870-1922 Writer, Irish Nationalist - The Riddle of The Sands 
 Ralph Vaughan Williams 1872-1958 Composer - Sea Symphony, Pilgrim's Progress 
 Prince Ranjitsinhji 1872-1933 Cricketer; Indian Prince 
 G. E. Moore 1873-1958 Philosopher 
 Aleister Crowley 1875-1947  Writer and 'Magician'; 'the wickedest man alive' 
 Mohammed Iqbal 1875-1938 Islamic poet and philosopher 
 Charles Rolls 1877-1910 Co-founder of Rolls-Royce; aviator 
 James Jeans 1877-1946 Astronomer, mathematician; stellar evolution 
 Godfrey Harold Hardy 1877-1947 Mathematician; A Mathematician's Apology 
 Lytton Strachey 1880-1932 Biographer - Eminent Victorians; Bloomsbury Group 
 Leonard Woolf 1880-1969 Writer; husband of Virginia; Bloomsbury Group 
 Clive Bell 1881-1964 Art and literary critic; husband of Vanessa 
 Alfred Radcliffe-Brown 1881-1955 Social anthropologist 
 A. A. Milne 1882-1956 Novelist - Winnie the Pooh 
 Arthur Eddington 1882-1944 Astronomer 
 John Littlewood 1885-1977 Mathematician; Fourier Series, Zeta Function 
 Harry Philby 1885-1960 Explorer of Arabia; father of Kim 
 G. I. Taylor 1886-1975 Physicist, mathematician; Fluid dynamics, crystals 
 C. D. Broad 1887-1971 Philosopher 
 Srinivasa Ramanujan 1887-1920 Mathematician; analytic number theory, elliptic integrals 
 Sydney Chapman 1888-1970 Mathematician, geophysicist; kinetic theory, geomagnetism 
 Ludwig Wittgenstein 1889-1951 Philosopher 
 Jawaharlal Nehru 1889-1964 First Prime Minister of India, 1949-1964 
 [George VI]? 1895-1952 Reigned 1936-1952 
 Vladimir Nabokov 1899-1977 Russian and English novelist - Lolita 
 Christopher, Lord Hinton 1901-1983 Nuclear engineer; constructed Calder Hall, the first large scale reactor 
 George 'Gubby' Allen 1902-1989 Cricketer - captained England; played in Bodyline series 
 Frank Plumpton Ramsey 1903-1930 Philosopher, mathematician, economist 
 Otto Frisch 1904-1979 Nuclear physicist; first used the term 'nuclear fission' 
 Erskine Childers 1905-1974 President of the Irish Republic, 1973-74 
 John Lehmann 1907-1987 Poet, man of letters; inaugurated The London Magazine 
 Anthony Blunt 1907-1983 Soviet spy; art historian 
 Peter Scott 1909-1989 Artist, ornithologist; Olympic sailor (1936) 
 Nicholas Monsarrat 1910-1979 Novelist - The Cruel Sea 
 [Guy Burgess]? 1910-1963 Soviet spy and traitor 
 Kim Philby 1911-1988 Double agent; communist 
 Enoch Powell 1912-1998 Statesman; Minister of Health, 1960-3 
 Willie Whitelaw 1918-1999 Statesman; Home Secretary, 1979-83 
 John Robinson 1919-1983 Theologian; Bishop of Woolwich, Dean of Trinity 
 Raymond Williams 1921-1988 Marxist critic, novelist - The Country and the City 
 Rajiv Gandhi 1944-1989 Prime Minister of India, 1984-1989   

For more biographies, try the Cambridge Biographical Dictionary

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