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Statistics is the science of
  1. planning observations,
  2. summarizing statistical data, and
  3. interpreting statistical data.

Mark Twain said, "There are lies, damn lies -- and statistics." This describes a common view about statistics, which is dubious in the extreme about their value.

But the fact that statistics can be, and are, distorted and misused cannot change the fact that they have enormous value. Whenever a prevailing orthodoxy exists, it is clarifying to examine that orthodoxy by some objective method, and statistics are one of the best methods.

A good working knowledge of statistics can also help us to see clearly when others are misusing statistics to gain advantage.

Theory -- Applied -- Descriptive -- Inference -- Probability and Statistics -- ANOVA -- Multivariate

[Data Mining]? is an applied form of descriptive statistics that involves the analysis of large volumes of data and the extraction of useful correlations or knowledge.

What are our priorities for writing in this area? To help develop a list of the most basic topics in Statistics, please see Statistics basic topics.

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