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The Silicon Valley is a nickname of the southern half of the San Francisco Peninsula, reaching approximately from [Menlo Park]? down to San Jose, centered roughly on Sunnyvale?. It was named for the high concentration of semiconductor and computer related industry in the area. The term may also be applied to surrounding areas on both sides of the bay into which many of these industries have expanded.

Industries include (in alphabetic order): Apple Computer, Hewlett-Packard, Oracle, Sun Microsystems.

Cities include (in alphabetic order): Alviso?, Atherton?, Cupertino?, Fremont?, [Menlo Park]?, Milpitas?, Newark?, Palo Alto, San Jose, Saratoga?, Sunnyvale?, [Union City]?

Many cities, regions, and nations around the world have tried to copy the success of the Silicon Valley. Some of them are:

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