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Critics have found in his works both both advocacy and criticism of Victorian? colonialism.

This really needs to be more detailed. Which works? The advocacy part is pretty easy ("White Man's Burden" springs to mind), criticism less so. 200.191.188.xxx, do you have specific examples I can use? -- Paul Drye

Not off the top of my pointy little head, sorry. :-) I remember reading "something" about this. I'll look around and see what I can find.

Later. All right, I'm going to dump some links here for your perusal. I haven't read them in detail and don't know what they're arguing. No warranty, express or implied, etc., - I just looked on Google for Kipling + colonialism.

Are you sure about the copyright status of "If--", 205.188.198.xxx? We're exactly 75 years past Kipling's death, so it may not be in the public domain. A quick boo around the Kipling Society's web page didn't help....--Paul Drye

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