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CELESTINE III, pope (1191-1198), Giacinto Bobone Orsini, of that noble family, was elected pope 30th March 1191, being then only a deacon, received priest's orders on the 13th of April, ruled the church six years, nine months, and nine days (though believed to have been ninety when elected), died 8th January 1198, and was buried at the Lateran. He crowned the Emperor Henry VI on the day after his election with a ceremonial symbolizing his absolute supremacy, as described by Roger Hoveden, who is believed (more reasonably as it would seem) by Baronius, but discredited by Natalis Alexander. He subsequently excommunicated the same Henry for wrongfullv keeping [Richard the Lionhearted]? in prison. In 1192 he confirmed the statutes of the [Teutonic Order of Knights]?. He would have resigned the Papacy, and recommended a successor shortly before his death, but was not suffered to do so by the cardinals.

initial text from the 9th edition (1876) of an old encyclopedia

preceded by Pope Clement III (1187-1191)
succeeded by Pope Innocent III (1198-1216)

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