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I'm not convinced that Donald Knuth is a good example of a open source proponent. While he released the source to TeX, which is certainly admirable, he did so under a license that barely makes the [Open Source Definition]: changes are only allowed through the cumbersome use of "change files". I'm not deleting him outright, because there may be something I missed.

The people section seems generally a bit unclear: is the intention to list vocal proponents of the movement (Perens, Raymond) or maintainers of influental open source software (Torvalds, Vixie). As mentioned above, I don't think Knuth is a prime example of the latter, either.

Um. I dont consider the lines between the Free Software movement and the Open Source philospohy to be "blury" at all. Free Software is about personal freedoms: the users freedom to copy, distribute and modify the software they use. Open Source is about the way to make the technically best software. Also, the list of "Open Source" projects is dodgy - try telling RMS that his Emacs is "Open Source" software! -- Asa
Personally, whether right or wrong, I find the dogmatic polarization being done between "open" and "free" to be distasteful. It smells muchly of FUD?.

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