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Is cancer caused by poor or excess nutrition? Which cancer? Also is diabetes actually caused by nutrition (and why do we have it listed under both caused by nutrition and under nutrition partly contributes categories. --rmhermen

The text is at least overly simplistic. First, "cancer" isn't a disease, it's a collection of dozens of unrelated or vaguely related diseases. Nutrition certainly contributes to some of them (e.g., anti-oxidants and colon cancer); others are primarily caused by infection (e.g. cervical cancer); others are largely genetic (e.g., breast cancer); and most are of unknown or combination etiology. Diabetes can clearly be affected and even brought about by diet, but it clearly has a genetic component as well.

It is almost always a bad idea to say "X" causes "Y" in a complex biological system. Things that are designed have simple problems and causes; things that are evolved over milennia don't. This is one place where weasel words are appropriate not only because of limited knowledge and disagreement, but because of the inherently complex and imprecise nature of the thing being discussed. --LDC

Where in the text would the link to cooking go? --mike dill
Text is so far overlooking the probability that poor nutrition contributes to depressed immune system function, which may predispose people to many diseases and conditions. --[maia williams]

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