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Louisiana is one of the 50 states of the United States. Formerly a French and later Spanish colony, it was sold to the United States by Napoleon. But there are still remnants of its former status as a possession of France, including: the use of a civil law legal system, the Napoleonic Code (like France, and unlike the rest of the United States, which uses a common law legal system derived from England), the term parishes being used to describe the state's self-divisions as opposed to counties, etc.

See also Louisiana Purchase.

Cities: New Orleans, [Baton Rouge]? -- capital, Shreveport?, [Lake Charles]?

The Mississippi River empties out of the souther portion of the state into the [Gulf of Mexico]?.

Lousiana is home to many famous colleges: [Tulane University]?, [Louisiana State University]?, [Southern Louisiana University]?, [Loyola University]?, etc.

What about the creoles or cajuns?

Ethnically, the cajuns are from Acadia?, an area in the [New Foundland]? province of Canada. When the British won the [French and Indian War]?, The British forced all of the citizens to take a pledge of allegiance. The Acadians would not and were force out of Canada, most of the fleesing to the souther portion of Louisiana.

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