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Jim Morrison, (b. "James Douglas Morrison" December 8, 1943 - July 3, 1971), was lead singer of the popular rock band The Doors. He was also a poet of some gifts. He was married to Pamela Courson Morrison

The son of a strict military officer (an admiaral in the US Navy) of no noticeable musical gifts, Morrison would seem an unlikely rock star. His voice had some of the stern power of a preacher. He was a seeker, always interested in exploring new avenues and new sensations. (The name "The Doors" came from an Aldous Huxley story, The Doors of Perception). Partly due to the influence of Huxley, Morrison consumed a lot of drugs?, and drank a lot of alcohol nearly daily. His shamanistic live performances have influenced others, including Patti Smith, as has his hedonistic lifestyle.

Jim Morrison died in Paris only 27 years old. He is buried at the [Pere Lachaise cemetery]?. As always occurs when a handsome young man dies in his 20's, many of his fans had great trouble believing he was dead, and strange rumors still circulate about what "really happened." Each year, many fans gather at the cemetery to mark the anniversary of Morrison's death.

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