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I'm not sure the intro sentance is correct in saying that an associative array is the same as a hash table. A hash table is only one of many kinds of assiciative data structures, and I think it might be more appropriate to make a seperate [associative array]? page that hash table links too. Any problems with this?

Also, there was a statement saying that keys are usually strings, but don't have to be. I don't think this is generally true, and as it doesn't add much, I took it out. --BlckKnght (it is probably true of perl and awk programs --drj)

Changed to "an implementation of associative array". AVL trees, [red black tree]?s, [2 3 4 tree]?s (and [2 3 tree]?s), [B star tree]?s, splay trees, [association list]?s are all implementations of associative array too. Expanded rest. --drj

Im acutally a coder, Ive used hash tables before through STL, I vaguely recognize them as being "fast" in some magic way. But, I dont UNDERSTAND them. This little text helped a little bit, now if I just draw this thingy on a paper, then maybe Ill get it. Anyway, what I wanted to say whas that, some kind of example of a simple, simple hash and the way it works would be great. If i get the time, maybe Ill do it myself and add to this page, or subpage /Example? or so. sandos

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