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Gone with the Wind is a novel (later adapted into a movie)by [Margaret Mitchell]? about the life of a southern belle ([Scarlet O'Hara]?.)

Other major characters include [Rhett Butler]?, Scarlet's main love, and [Ashley Wilkes]? and his wife Melanie.

The story begins, and often centers around the plantation Tara? in Georgia. The book opens just before the start of the [Civil War]?, and takes us through the war from a southern perspective.

The original novel was published in June of 1936. It sold a record breaking amount of copies on the first day.

In 1937 the book won the Pulitzer Prize.

It was made into a movie and premiered in Atlanta? on December 15, 1939. It was a ground breaking movie. One of the first to be filmed in color and to utilize special effects that were heretofore thought impossible.

Awards for the movie:

best picture in 1939.
1939 best actress [Vivien Leigh]? (Scarlett O'Hara)
1939 best supporting actress [Hattie McDaniel]? (Mammy)
1939 best director [Victor Fleming]?

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