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The following fine websites have had the good judgment and taste to link to Wikipedia.

So join them! Webmasters: if you have linked to Wikipedia, please do add your website below, under the appropriate category. Please list your website only once. If there is no appropriate category, either create one or put it under "Miscellaneous." Feel free to use one of our Wikipedia banners and logos. We'd appreciate any help building Wikipedia membership.  

Portals of all sorts
General search engines and web portals (English language)
General search engines and web portals (other languages)
Encyclopedias, encyclopedia search engines, and general educational link sites
Other specialized search engines and web portals
Best of... websites

Press coverage

Press coverage and online essays mentioning Wikipedia (English language)
Press coverage and online essays mentioning Wikipedia (non-English languages)

"Content" websites

Computer-related content websites
Science and technology pages
Social sciences (government, politics, geography, etc.)

Weblogs and discussion forums

Technology weblogs (English)
Technology weblogs (non-English)
Other public weblogs and news-of-the-web pages
Personal weblogs
Mentions on mailing lists (with web-based archives) and online discussion pages
[Recent mentions on Usenet newsgroups]

Other websites

Personal home pages and personal bookmark pages
September 11 pages
College course pages
Other wikis

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