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When the word French is capitalized, it can have these meanings:

  1. From or related to France The French city of Paris has many fine restaurants.
  2. The French language Residents of Haiti generally speak French.

The uncapitalized french can have these meanings:

  1. To cut into strips for cooking, e.g., frenched carrots (The term french fries is a further simplification from this meaning).
  2. To remove fat and meat from the tips of a bone-in chop or roast, e.g., frenched rack of lamb

The word also appears in many short phrases such as French doors, French horn, French toast, etc., coined to imply origination in or association with France, not necessarily accurately. Another application of the word French is in words like French pictures (early pornographic? images) and French letters (an early English euphemism for condoms). Apparently there is a similar word in France, but refering to England.

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