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Statistician in residence

Doing the stream of consciousness writing I never had a chance to do before. Thanks for the opportunity!

I just wanted to say thanks and welcome, Dr. Beldin! -- Larry Sanger
Another welcome from RoseParks. We surely need someone with expertise on Probability and Statistics.

As you go through moving to the new naming convention, I'm following through changing the old pages to

 #REDIRECT [new page name]?

Do you know how to do that?

I do now! Thanks!
By the way, I'm signing the articles I create just to make it easier to locate them later. If signatures should be removed, so be it.
This is a co operative effort. Many people, and I am one of them, feel that signing one's name to a page is not appropriate to this medium. It makes them reluctant to alter these pages and they resent making corrections and additions that will be identified as your material, whille it is theirs. Furthermore, your signature links to your homepage which is partially commercial. This again is more like advertising and has no place here. I am politlely asking you to remove your signature from all pages. You seem to have provided enough clues to identifying material on Probability and Statistics without using a signature.
[RABeldin ]

I does appear that you are advertising a bit. Not that there is anything intrinsically wrong with self-promotion in this most competitive day and age. But, I suspect the political and cultural inclinations of most wikipedians would regard such activity, if too conspicuous, as unseemly at best, and perhaps even in bad taste. Personally, if it offends me too much I will just edit it out! And welcome aboard!

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