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1. What a culture essentially is is rather hard to define. One view of it is that is is the collection of custom?s, beliefs, shared history, language and mutual feeling of belonging among a group of humans. Cultures are often a magnitude larger than countries, and may spread across continents.

A culture often contains numerous subcultures. Subcultures incorporate large parts of their mother cultures, but in specific instances they may differ radically. Some subcultures achieve such a status that they aquire a name of their own. A recent example of a subculture in the western world is punk.

Culture has nebulous bindings to the word civilization, and may in some contexts be roughtly the same.

See also cultural anthropology, ethnicity

2. The word culture may also refer to an expression of a culture. Examples of cultural expression in the western society is opera and rock.

3. Culture can also refer to bacteria or something like that, grown in a [petri dish]? in a laboratory.


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