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I don't care if YOU, PERSONALLY, think they read like a cut-and-paste job, they aren't. --corvus13

I thought so too, and you should care. Our goal here is to create a good encyclopedia, not to coddle your sensitivities. If an article by anyone looks copyrighted, it's everyone's responsibility here to say so, and it's the author's responsibility to clear it up. It's not about personalities--it's about content. You've cleared up that this stuff is written by you, and that's good. So the copyright issue is settled; no problem. Now there's the issue of exactly what culture this "folklore" is from. That needs to be spelled out here too. We're not singling you out for criticism here--everyone criticizes everyone else here, from PhD's to dropouts. That's the process, and it works pretty well. --LDC

Amorphous solids can be considered liquids that flow but very slowly

Isn't this an urban legend? see [1]

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