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City in Illinois, United States.

Famous attractions

  Sears Tower
  [Standard Oil building]?
  [John Hancock building]?
  [Buckingham Fountain]?
  [Grant Park]?
  [Navy Pier]?
  [McComick Place]?
  [Water Tower]?
  [Lincoln Park]?
  [Drake Hotel]?
  [Chicago River]?


  [Depaul University]?
  [Loyola University]?
  [Northwestern University]? (in Evanston, suburb of of Chicago)
  [Roosevelt University]?
  University of Chicago
  [University of Illinois-Chicago]?


  [Adler Planetarium]?
  [Art Institute of Chicago]?
  [Field Museum of Natural History]?
  [Museum of Contemporary Art]?
  [Shedd Aquarium and Oceanarium]?
  [Museum of Science and Industry]? 


  Chicago Bears (American football) (Play at [Soldier Field]?)
  [Chicago Bulls]? (Basketball)
  Chicago Cubs (Baseball)(Play at [Wrigley Field]?)
  [Chicago Fire]?  (Soccer/Football)
  Chicago White Sox (Baseball) (Play at [Comiskey Park]?)


Chicago Earth Month 2002 - activities throughout Spring 2002. Chicago Earth Month is an opportunity for Chicagoland's vibrant advocates for the environment to celebrate past achievements in ecological areas and to improve public awareness for issues that are important to our future environmental health. The highlight of Earth Month is Chicago's Earth Day Festival.

Chicago's Earth Day Festival - April 20, 2002, 9am to 4pm. Look for us in Lincoln Park at Canon Drive and Fullerton Avenue.


"The Windy City" (inspired by the speechmaking proclivities of its politicians more than by its prevailing weather conditions);

"Second City" (so called because it was, for many years, the second-largest city in the United States, and also because of its rebirth after the [Great Chicago Fire]? of 1871);

"City of Big Shoulders"; and

"Hog-Butcher To The World" (from a [Carl Sandburg]? poem).

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