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Cayzle is the "nom de game" of Michael Moran Alterio. An avid role-playing gamer, Cayzle runs a Web site devoted to wemics, a fantastical race of lion-human hybrids that echo centaurs. You can contact him directly by writing to cayzle at yahoo dot com.

A few of Cayzle's notable contributions include:

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Cayzle's Wemic Site: http://www.geocities.com/cayzle/
Welcome to Wikipedia! I found your wemic article quite entertaining. I especially appreciate the fact that you separated traditional folklore and contemporary fantasy; it's often easy to mash the two together. --STG
"I'm excited and frightened!"
That, IMO, is a very healthy Wikipedia attitude. :) --STG

Since we've been bumping into each other in a couple of articles already, I should probably add my own "welcome to Wikipedia!" message here as well. I hope my questions and corrections haven't been taken in a bad light, I think it's mainly a result of us having some common interest in these things. A good thing, I hope. :) -BD

Thanks very much for your help and welcome! -- Cayzle

Great work on the Sauron article. I was about to fix the outright errors, and kablam, you'd rewritten the entire piece, brilliantly. Thanks! -- Zork.

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