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Catatonia is a severe psychiatric and medical condition, characterized by, in [catatonic stupor]?, a general absence of motor activity, and, in [catatonic excitement]?, violent, hyperactive behavior directed at oneself or others but with no visible purpose. Catatonia is associated with a number of other psychiatric and medical conditions, such as the life-threatening [neuroleptic malignant syndrome]? as well as [drug abuse]?, depression, and schizophrenia. Depending on the case, there are a variety of available treatments, including benzodiazipine?s.

Obviously, we need a psychiatrist to assist us further with this topic!

Catatonia is a popular music band from Wales that gained a national following in the United Kingdom in the mid-late 1990s. The band consists of [Cerys Matthews]? on vocals, [Mark Roberts]? and Owen? on guitar, [Paul Jones]? on bass, and [Aled Richards]? on drums. [Mark Roberts]? is the main songwriter.

Catatonia deliberetly tries to make their songs accessible to a broad audience, while at the same time not shying away from original, experimental, or even potentially abrasive sounds. The result is a mix of hooky pop and underground indie rock.

The songs are characterized by clever lyrics and Matthew's enticing, raspy vocals, which have made her a bit of a sex symbol. Also prominent is her Welsh accent (though this feature is most likely lost on anyone outside the UK).

The band, in its music, lyrics, and PR, are proudly, or at least happily, Welsh. This, they have insisted, should not be taken too seriously, as they are more internationalists than nationalists (hence the name of their 1998 release, [International Velvet]?

After their rise to fame, it became clear that Matthews was not coping well with the increased pressure, suffering from anxiety and nervous exhaustion which resulted in the cancellation of several concert tours and a deterioration in the relationships between the band members. In 2001, after the release of a new album Paper Scissors Stone, the band officially split.

In September, 2000, a biography of the band by David Owens entitled Cerys, Catatonia & The Rise Of Welsh Pop was released in the UK (sometimes listed as 'Catatonia-Enter The Dragon', which was the working title). ISBN 0091874122 (amazon.com, search)

Another book, To Hell and Back with Catatonia, was released June 1, 2001, written by Brian Wright. ISBN 0946719365 (amazon.com, search)

Important Catatonia related information is available at http://www.catatonia.com/

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