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Carlos Alberto Valderrama Palacio September 2, 1961-

'El Pibe' is still one of the most recognizable soccer players today both for his enormous blond bush of hair and his skillful passing and shielding. Valderrama was born in Santa Marta, Colombia 2 September 1961 and captained his national team during the 1990, 1994, and 1998 World Cups, before announcing his international retirement after the 1998 competition having received 94 caps and scored seven times.

He began his career at [Union Magdalena]? of Colombia's First Division in 1981. He also played for Millionarios? and [Deportiva Cali]? before joining Montpellier? of French First Division in 1988. He was transferred to [Real Valladolid]? in 1990 before returning to Colombia in 1992 to play for [Deportivo Independiete Medellin]? and [Atletic Juniors]? from 1993-96 before going to the US in 1998 to play for Miami (1998-99), Tampa Bay (2000-01) and currently Colorado. In the MLS? Valderrama scores relatively few goals (8) for a midfielder, but has many assists (62).

He is married and has three children.

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