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Cape Breton Island is an island north of the mainland of Nova Scotia, Canada, and is politically a part of the Province of Nova Scotia. It is 6,352 square kilometres in area (3,970 square miles) and comprised mainly of rocky shores, rolling farmland, barren headlands, mountains, forests and plateaus. It is joined to the mainland by the [Canso Causeway]?, constructed in 1954. The small port of [North Sydney]? provides a ferry link to the neighbouring province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Although technically the island and the mainland (the local term for the rest of the province) are one province, the people of Nova Scotia tend to think of the two sections as separate entities.

Cape Breton Island is famous for the [John Cabot Trail]? (also [Cabot Trail]?), a scenic roadway along the shoreline.

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