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There seems to be some major political bias in this document, particularly the information concering the Vietnam War and teachers' unions.

What is a biotope? -- corvus12

As to political bias- the events actually happened. The positions described were real, and no position is advocated, therefore it conforms to the NPOV. The characterization of teachers unions as political patronage is insulting, but accurate. They maintain one of the largest, best funded lobbying efforts in the State, and consistently oppose anything that would change the union's power or income.

A biotope is an area with distinctively different animals and plants. It's a discredited ecological term, but it is helpful to describe the regions. They really do look very different.

To whom it may concern- the stuff about mosquito-borne disease is real, and remains a real problem everywhere south of the frost line in the U.S. It was historically one of the most important reasons for the differential population growth rates between the South and the North- i.e. it's why the South was less populous and less industrialized. It's why the South lost the Civil War, despite having been settled first, and having richer land. Ray Van De Walker

"U. S. national leadership under President Richard Nixon firmly removed the U. S. from Vietnam's war." makes it sound as if Nixon were the leader in getting the US out of Vietnam. He was a proponent of the war, not an opponent. If we're going to address the war, which doesn't really seem necessary in an overview article about California history, there should be more about anti-war demonstrations. --corvus13

Richard Nixon's role in the Vietnam War was ambiguous. Nixon first escalated the war, then pulled the US out of it.

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