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Note to the person who removed the spoiler: the consensus policy on spoilers on Wikipedia is that we are trying to write an encyclopedia here, and so it is acceptable (and indeed encouraged) to provide full discussion of the plot of any creative media. However, because people may not know this policy when they come to a page, people should add a disclaimer to the top of the page, usually just a link to the Wikipedia contains spoilers page. Merely that some part of an article is a spoiler is *not* sufficient grounds to remove it. --Robert Merkel

Noted. In my defense, the original article did not contain *any* spoiler warnings, and I was quite disappointed to discover a spoiler for an episode that hasn't even been shown in New Zealand or other parts of the world. In addition, I don't see what this sentence contributes to the Wikipedia entry, in the way that a spoilers for The Sixth Sense would be necessary. Why not mention how Angel got his soul back but got killed by Buffy to save the world anyway? He was a much more important character, and even got his own spinoff! --Carey Evans

Fair point. If I had realised it *was* still a spoiler to a signifacant number of people, I would have put the warning in beforehand. And I have to say that from my perspective Buffy is a *much* more important character than Angel. I know which one I prefer seeing onscreen :) --Robert Merkel

That didn't come out right anyway. I meant to say something like how Angel's story was more significant than what the fifth season is leading up to.

I'll leave the page for now, anyway. A better solution in my mind would be to write a description of the main arc story for each season, giving the spoiler some context and showing readers what they're going to see if they read further; but I'm not going to commit to that right now.

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