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The British Broadcasting Corporation was once the primary television and radio provider in the United Kingdom prior to the introduction of cable?, satellite? and more recently, [digital satellite television]?.

Founded as a private company in 1922, The British Broadcasting Company became the entity we know today in (1927) when it came under public ownership. Since then, government backed licence schemes (each home with a television has to buy a television license each year) have ensured the BBC is funded to produce high quality and diverse media content for the British people. Because of this unique funding method, BBC radio and television output has always been free of the constraints of commercial advertisers; programme makers are answerable only to the licence payer.

Radio was the main output of the BBC prior to the invention of television, and is still seen in the BBC's most revered magazine, [Radio Times]?. Radio still makes up a large part of the output.

What is now known as BBC1? was the world's first television station; it was broadcast from the [Alexandra Palace]? in London to just a few hundred viewers in the immediate area.

BBC2? was the second television station; its remit is to provide more niche programming. Unlike its contemporaries, BBC2 does not have the usual soap opera or standard news? programming. What BBC2 does have is a breadth of programming: eclectic, fun and diverse. In fact so good is it at finding and nurturing new talent, often BBC1 will steal programmes from the schedules.

Since the introduction of digital television and the explosion in web use, new channels and online content have developed keeping the BBC current and vibrant.

The BBC is known to Americans through the BBC America cable station and Lionheart TV which rerun BBC programmes (but call them programs).



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