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Brady Howell is listed as missing from the Pentagon, where he recently began working after finishing an internship this summer. He grew up in Sugar City, Idaho and is survived by his wife, Liz, his parents, and his brothers and sisters.

Brady Howell was a [Utah State University]? graduate and former Herald Journal employee who left Logan, Utah, about a year ago for the internship in the intelligence division of the Pentagon.

According to one television news report, his office was directly in the path of the hijacked airliner that crashed into the building.

While living in Logan, Brady Howell was a district sales manager in The Herald Journal circulation department. He worked with newspaper carriers in Smithfield and Hyde Park, who still remember him as a caring and fun-loving supervisor.

Brady Howell earned a political science degree at USU? after transferring from Idaho’s [Ricks College]?. He and his wife, Liz, a native of Honeyville, traveled often from Logan back to Rexburg to work with LDS youth groups.

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