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Located in the northern mountains of North Carolina, Boone provides a home for the [Appalachian State University]? (ASU), as well as a variety of tourist attractions ranging from skiing to small amusement parks.

Very cold in the winter, Boone has a comfortable climate in the summary usually in the low 80's.

Boone has a small, college-town population ranging from extreme conservativism to extreme liberalism. Often the sparks of controversy flame brightly in this little town.

Boone acquires its name from the famous [Daniel Boone]?, who supposedly stopped by the town at some point in his travels. Consider the truth or falsehood of this yet another spark of controversy this town enjoys.

Most attractive, the mountains around Boone add a picturesque quality one cannot easily beat. One may drive to the [Blue Ridge Parkway]? very easily from Boone.

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