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Watterson published one book where he had the cartoon strips interspersed with commentary about them--kind of a DVD edition, I guess ;-) --and in that one he talks about his battle with his publisher over the format of the Sunday comics, and goes into some detail explaining what that format is and how it constrained him, as well as the protracted fight over it and his eventual victory. I read that when the book first came out and don't have the details with me--can someone who knows them please add them? --KQ

I have that book. It's the tenth anniversary Calvin & Hobbes collection.. I did mention his battles with the publisher... I didn't want to weigh the article down too heavily on those things though so i decided to leave out some of the less important details... ~ Jimmy Lo

Oh, ok then. Maybe you're right; I'm not sure how interesting all that would be for the layman. --KQ

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