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Just explaining what I did for the benefit of people who worked on this:
  1. Moved links out of the body of the text, into the links section. We should not use links to supply content that we will ourselves have (someday). Please put external links in link sections.
  2. Bolded text that needed to be bolded.
  3. Added a few hyperlinks (more are needed).
  4. Removed the extra title from within the article. The convention we've been following has been to let the article title be what's at the top of the page, then restate (if necessary, more completely) the title in bold, as part of a sentence.
  5. Noted a few places where there are huge gaps, lest anyone think that we're done here. :-)
  6. Reworded the statement of Russell's importance to emphasize his achievements in philosophy and logic. He was a famous popularizer of philosophy, but he was not a political philosopher. Among philosophers he was best known for his writings on logic, metaphysics, epistemology, and other technical aspects of philosophy.
  7. General copyediting.
  8. Removed picture of Russell. This was taken from someone else's server. We don't want to use their bandwidth. We should soon have a picture-uploading function.
--Larry Sanger

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