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Hip hop related musical style that continues rapping and sometimes choruses. Musically, its roots can be found in electro funk. The music came into existence as part of Miami's stereo wars, when people tried to out-stereo each other, claiming that they had the most bass-heavy stereo system in their car. At the end of the 1980s, [The 2 Live Crew]? got very popular because officials tried to ban their records which they deemed to be pornographic and hence dangerous. Apart from that, only few bass tracks succeeded in becoming part of the mainstream, most u Is. Bass music started out as an underground pheneomenon, and it basically still is. In Detroit, a new form of Bass called Ghetto Tech developed in the 1990s, and on the West Coast, Jonny Z provides his own brand of Chicano Bass. [DJ Laz]? is a Cuban from Miami who mixed Latin music with bass. Other important artists include [Luke Skyywalker]?, [DJ Magic Mike]?, [MC Shy D]?, DXJ? and [MC ADE]?.

For a real interactive story of the history of Miami Bass, join our Yahoo Group devoted to chronicalling it's evolution & formation. Our members include Neil Case aka Bass Mekanik, Dynamix II, Maggotron, 2BMF, and many others.


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