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Beginning of discusssion on FallenAngel..

I see you removed the note about "first article".

Anyway, seems to me to be a fine job, introducing what is to many a difficult subject. This presents the info that is needed to even begin the axiomatic approach.

I saw somewhere a comment that this article is a duplication of effort. Not so. Both this and the set article (whose title is very ambiguous) are needed for different levels of study. --Buz Cory

I did indeed, for two reaons: firstly, until yesterday no comments were forthcoming so I decided it wasn't working; secondly, I was worried that it sounded a little proprietary and unwikian, something like " If there's anything you don't like ask me and I might change it." Certainly the deletion was not intended to discourage comments or commentary, for which I remain grateful

I think what was meant was the set theory article, but nobody seems to be brave enough to refactor it. :-) -- JanHidders

''Thats what I meant, and I also did not mean to disparage this one, rather that the two should be merged, with the strengths of this one added to the old, rather than presented as an alternative.'' -- GWO
Basic Set Theory should remain as a separate article. For historical reasons at least...:))). ZFC is pretty new. -- Damas

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