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In 1994, Major League Baseball restructured the American League into three divisions. This resulted in a change of format for the playoffs, and the introduction of a new round, prior to the ALCS. In this round, the Divisional Series (ALDS), the three division winners and a wild-card team compete in two best-of-five series. The winners then advance to the best-of-seven ALCS.

Unlike the ALCS, no MVP award is given for ALDS play.

1995Cleveland IndiansBoston Red Sox30
Seattle MarinersNew York Yankees32
1996New York YankeesTexas Rangers3 1
Baltimore OriolesCleveland Indians31
1997Baltimore OriolesSeattle Mariners31
Cleveland IndiansNew York Yankees32
1998New York YankeesTexas Rangers30
Cleveland IndiansBoston Red Sox32
1999New York YankeesTexas Rangers30
Boston Red SoxCleveland Indians32
2000Seattle MarinersChicago White Sox30
New York YankeesOakland Athletics32
2001New York YankeesOakland Athletics32
Seattle MarinersCleveland Indians32

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