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Re: Revision 8: I think you're wrong about the spelling of his name. A google search showed about 400 instances of Boehm-Bawerk but about 1200 Bohm-Bawerk. The actual spelling, I believe is Böhm, thats an 'O' with two little dots over it. Unfortunately Wiki won't let you use special characters in links. I think Boehm is an anglization of the name, trying to get across the proper pronunciation without using special characters.
But a quick check shows that the Mises Institute spells it minus the 'e': |http://www.mises.org/bawerk.asp] It also appears Mises and Rothbard spelled it without the 'e' too. Is 'oe' and excepted translation of 'ö'? --MemoryHole.com

You are right that Böhm is correct, but unfortunately not possible as a page name. So I applied the normal German substitution used when no umlaut is available (old typewriters/printers) ö -> oe. That is the nearest we can come here. The "correct" anglisation is probably just leaving the diaresis off (Bohm). Actually, it occured to me that we can use ö still in the text. See the change I'll commit next.

Finally, "von Böhm-Bawerk" seems to outmajor my "Böhm von Bawerk" so I'm changing that back. I guess both spellings were interchangable back when, but I'm no historian. --Robbe

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