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1950's In the 1950's American rockabilly music was taken up by local musicians. The most famous exponent was [Johnny O'Keefe]?.

1960's The Beatles and the rest of the [British Invasion]? groups had a huge influence on the local music scene. [The Easybeats]? we're one of the Australian bands to gain success.

1970's [The Saints]?,[Radio Birdman]?

1980's The Stems

<I>Don't take the above too seriously. The following bands or performers all deserve mention in there somewhere IMHO, perhaps more than some mentioned: [The Sound Unlimited Posse]? (not perhaps all that notable in absolute terms, but the only Australian hip-hop group to have commercial success until MC Trey), Cold Chisel, Skyhooks, INXS?, silverchair?, Kylie Minogue, Paul Kelly, Powderfinger?, [Little River Band]?, [Hunters And Collectors]?, Crowded House (though they're really more New Zealand's), [John Farnham]?, Sherbet?, [Russell Morris]?, [Midnight Oil]?, Men At Work, The Seekers, [Slim Dusty]?, [The Bee Gees]?, AC/DC?, [You Am I]?, even [The Louisville Sluggers]? (well, maybe not yet, but give'em an album and some radio play :)).

Much more influential musical artists (influential, as in , pioneering in styles that many other musicians including much more famous ones might name-check) than either list above (excepting, say the Easybeats, Bee Gees and AC/DC) might include: [The Birthday Party]?, [Nick Cave]?, [The Saints]?, [The MC5]?, [The Atlantics]?, [The Scientists]?, [The Beasts of Bourbon]?, [The Triffids]?, [The Go-Betweens]?, [Dead Can Dance]?, and [The Laughing Clowns]?. Most of these date from the late 70s and 80s.

I don't recognise all those names, but the ones that I do recognise certainly deserve deserve recognition. I do however think think you might be wearing the blinkers slightly. Just because you mightn't like Slim Dusty or John Farnham doesn't mean they don't a prominent place in the story of Australian popular music, any more than leaving out Celine Dion or Dolly Parton would be appropriate for a history of American popular music. --Robert Merkel

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