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Park Guell

Park Guell is a garden complex with architectural elements situated on Monte Carmelo in Barcelona, Spain. It was designed by Antonio Gaudi and built in years 1900-1914.

Park Guell was converted in a municipal garden.

The design of Park Guell is clearly a work of an architect and Gaudi's unique style is also easily distinguishable.
Wavy, lava-like shapes, at places tree-like or in form of Doric columns or stalactites, all lavishly decorated with ornaments of broken ceramic fragments.
Although sounds unlikely, it is skillfully designed and composed to bring peace and calm, that one would expect from a park.
Buildings though very original and remarkable are relatively (remembering other Gaudi's buildings) inconspicuous. They have fantastically shaped roofs with unsual pinacles.
The crucial part of the park is the main terrace in form of a sea serpent.

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