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Erm. Not that I think CE is actually an anti-Christian ploy (I just find it a waste of time), but I don't think an article written for the sole purpose of debunking that view is fair game, with NeutralPointOfView and everything...
Some believe that is an attempt by some to "evade the truth" about Jesus as the Christ (messiah and incarnate God).

Who? Please cite a book or journal article. If this is just the author's theory, this article should be removed immediately. --LMS

LMS: I did a search on the web, found a possible (sounding somewhat antisemitic to me) example of belief in an "anti-Christian calendar conspiracy" : [1]. --SJK

I've met a small number of people who have said that there is an anti-Christian agenda going on here; they think that using CE or BCE (instead of AD and BC) is an attack against Christianity. They have not organized into any group to fight against this perceived attack on Christianity, but they exist, and they really feel there is an agenda against them, however vaguely they happen to explain it. I suspect that if each of us brought up the issue to many people we know, many of us would find a number of people who share this belief. It just usually isn't talked about much. RK

Here are three examples:

Website on "B.C. and A.D. versus B.C.E. and C.E" http://www.religioustolerance.org/ce.htm

Discussion website http://www2.misnet.com/~ronnieg/discussion/ce.html

Quote 1 "Personally I find CE to be an offensive attempt to erase Christianity from everyday speech and consciousness. There would be no division of history as there now is without the birth of Christ. And to complete the brain washing we have BCE (Before Common Era). I am not going to let BC and AD die easily."

Quote 2 "The reason for the change to CE (Common Era) and BCE (Before the Common Era) has come about because of a particular group which is trying to eliminate references to Christ. I'm sure you can find out more if you search the internet."

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